Account Receivables by Months

Use this report to identify time periods that have account receivables (A/Rs).
Report “1-Accounts Receivables by Months” clearly shows how much money remains (A/R) to be collected for the charges of each month. See the Sample Report 1. The Payments and Adjustments are the amounts applied to the charges for the listed month regardless of when they were collected. (They are NOT the amounts collected during the month). The percents are based on the Charges for the month. The month’s A/R is broken down to show how much is owed by the insurance company and how much is owed by the guarantor.

The Average A/R Age is the A/R divided by the average amount of the daily charges. This
value (based on the last 1 year) is typically used in the billing industry as a measure of how fast charges are paid. Less than 30 days is exceptional, 30 to 60 is normal, over 60 needs attention.

Data selection filters for this report are 1) ‘Date From’ range and 2) ‘Attending Provider’. A date range of the past one year is normally recommended. The Attending Provider filter is used to limit the report to only the charges by the provider specified.

Other Uses:
Billing services often send this report to their clients to demonstrate their efficiency.

Clinics that compensate providers based on collections use this report with the Attending Provider filter.