Status of Open Charges

Use this report to see WHO is responsible for the open charges.
Report “2-Status of Open Charges” provides the details of all open charges. The report lists
every open charge as a single line item. The data are first sorted by chart number then date of service. The party responsible for each charge is clearly shown. The amounts of the charge,
paid by each insurance company, paid by guarantor, adjusted and remaining for each charge are listed. See the Sample Report 2.

Data selection filters for this report are 1) ‘Date From’ range and 2) ‘Attending Provider’. Normally a date range of one year ago to two months ago is recommended. This will list all open charges older than 60 days but not older than one year. There is little value in listing current charges since the responsible parties have not had adequate time to respond. The ‘Attending Provider’ filter is used as described previously.

Other Uses:
Typically very old charges are not collectable. They do little other than skew realistic A/R values and clutter both the data and various reports. This report can be used to list ‘old’ charges that have remaining amounts. Specifying a date range from the first date of service until one year ago will list all open charges that are older than one year. (Many practices zero out very old charges or turn them over to “collections”).