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Four Features to Streamline Your Billing - Now Available in Medisoft V23
Medisoft V23

Streamline Your Billing wtih Medisoft V23

In today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment every dollar counts. Yet, inefficient billing processes can cost practices up to 30% of their revenue annually. Medisoft V23 brings new features and enhanced functionality to help you streamline your billing processes to ensure you are collecting every dollar earned. Take a look!

Auto-Assign Statement Notes

Auto-Assign Statement Notes

Transaction documentation now includes 3 note fields instead of 1! Users can enter notes into separate internal, statement, and other note fields. Don’t worry, your existing notes are automatically moved to the new note format when you upgrade. Statement and internal notes are also available in Remittance posting with Auto-Assign statement notes or the free text entry feature options so that you can enter notes without leaving the Revenue Manager workflow.

Never Receive a Timely Filing Denial Again​!

The new timely filing calculator in Medisoft V23 AR Tracker keeps your practice on track, calculating just how long you have to file your claim while you work your insurance receivables. Billers can now instantly see how many days until timely filing expires, which claims have already been billed, and which claims are overdue. Prioritize claim submissions and work rejections promptly and more efficiently.

Better yet, this feature is customizable to each payer’s filing requirements so you should never miss a deadline again.

Timely Filing
Transaction Grid

Revenue Manager Remittance Auto-Posting Now Shows Secondary Status

Secondary claim processing has never been more important. The Revenue Manager remittance posting grid has been updated to show the claim status and save billers time and clicks when working the secondary payer. The secondary payer name and filing method are also included in the grid so that you can quickly see whether claims need to be sent electronically or on paper.

Flag Problem Areas with New Color Coding Functionality in AR Tracker

Multiple improvements to AR Tracker means your billers can work faster and more efficiently. Colored flags and backgrounds make it quick and easy to identify patient statuses. Incomplete transaction background colors display on the transaction grid for rapid visual recognition of transaction status.

Color Coding

To learn more about what you can expect in your Medisoft V23 upgrade, contact us today to set up a discovery meeting.

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