New BillFlash Service and Pricing

September 26, 2012

We’re pleased to announce our newly expanded suite of BillFlash Services that Get Billers Paid.   In addition, during our expansion, we also added many terrific enhancements to our Mail service.
The New BillFlash Services
·         Provide extensive bill delivery & payment choices
·         Lower billing costs dramatically
·         Reduce operational headaches
·         Broadly strengthen business financials
New Services Deliver Big Savings
·         We’ve eliminated the Monthly Service Fee (normally $30) from all accounts as of 10/1/2012.
·         We’ve eliminated the Minimum Monthly Fee (normally 50 Statements) from all accounts as of 10/1/2012.
·         Billers can slash their Mail costs by more than 60% by switching Mail recipients to eBills which only cost $0.25/each.
·         Billers can Bundle & Save when they use Payment Services to process all of their payments:
    o   Lowers their current Mail rate to just $0.59/each
    o   Lowers their new eBill rate to just $0.20/each
·         BillFlash Payment Services have industry low processing rates, no monthly fees or early termination fees, and don’t require a dedicated phone line.
They’ll receive Unlimited Support for all BillFlash Services for the low monthly rate of $17.50. 
Look for these New Sites which Enable our New Services This Week:
·         An all new site designed to provide Billers with easy access to all four services
· is the new site where Payers can securely view their eBills and make ePays
·         An all new site for Resellers
We anticipate the sites will be live on Tuesday night, 9/25/2012.
From the New Site Billers Can:
1.       Take a Tour
2.       Visit the Learning Center
3.       Review fees for new services
4.       Add Services
While we’re optimistic that Billers will want to take a look at our new services, rest assured that they will be able to simply enjoy the new site while they process their normal Mail delivery files.
New Payment Processing Partnership
NexTrust is also pleased to announce that we made a recent decision to switch to Phoenix Payments as our payment processing partner.  This strategic change provides many high value advantages including:
·         Low and Simplified Pricing – A simplified pricing structure that has only two possible low rates with rates that beat those offered by the popular Costco/Elavon partnership
·         Convenient Quoting – BillFlash Sales Reps & Resellers (after training) can discuss, quote, and sell payment services
·         Easy Online Applications – The Merchant Application is conveniently accessed through BillFlash’s Enrollment Wizard (for new Billers) and through Add Services (for existing Billers)
·         Fast Approvals – Phoenix Payments will provide application approvals within 2 business days
·         Integrated Sales & Support – All BillFlash Services will be directly sold and supported by our own team of NexTrust professionals that Resellers and Billers have come to rely upon
New NexTrust Reseller Agreement @
One of the other major benefits from the switch to Phoenix Payments is that BillFlash Resellers do not need a special, separate agreement with NexTrust’s payment processor, Phoenix Payments.  The recently updated NexTrust Reseller Agreement restores the historically simple model where Resellers only need to have an agreement with NexTrust.  So, when you visit the new site you’ll be able to:
1.       Accept the new NexTrust Reseller Agreement
2.       Learn More about the new services and fees
3.       Explore the updated Resource Center (look for additional content as we expand our tools to help you market the new services)
Requested Next Steps
1.       Sign In and Accept the new NexTrust Reseller Agreement at
2.       Check out all three new sites which will answer many of your questions
After you’ve done so, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss how to market the new services.  We’ll also be announcing shortly the schedule for upcoming GoToWebinars where you can join your peers and learn about the new services. 
Watch for separate communications regarding commissions.
Thank you for choosing BillFlash!

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