How To Log A Feature Request For Practice Choice

March 29, 2013

How to Log a Feature Request for McKesson Practice Choice™
Please read the following information for instructions to log a feature in McKesson Practice Choice.
Log a Feature Request
Customers or McKesson team members can submit their requests today to
Sample Customer Script: Thank you for your suggestion. You can log your request directly at to communicate directly with our product management team or we can log it for you. For tracking purposes any feature request is assigned a number that you (the customer) can reference in the future. All feature requests are reviewed monthly for consideration on the roadmap. We greatly appreciate your sharing your perspective and creativity with us to make McKesson Practice Choice an improved customer experience.
How it Works
  • For a Feature Request: These requests are reviewed by product management. For new features, a new EPIC will be created. EPICS are our word for feature requests/enhancements.

  • For a Defect: Product management may open a PSR (Production Service Request) or request that the customer contact Support to open a ticket. In either case, Support will take the lead to investigate and work with the customer.

  • For a Training Issue: Product management may respond back to the customer with a simple suggestion, but will otherwise route the customer to published materials or services.

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